Phil Idrissi   Actor
Projects & Videos

Phil's Reel from "Shoot the Saxophone Player" 2/2013
This is a short compilation Reel of Phil's work on Mike Tounian's MFA masterwork shot, "Shoot The Saxophone Player" due out later this spring.

Phil's Current Theatrical reel (10/10)
This is a mix of work from Network TV to Short Film spanning several years.

Night of the Bear (2006)
Dramatic recreation of a mobster played by Phil. It won several awards from the 48 hour film competetion, including:
• Best Acting - Phil Idrissi as “Tony the Bear”
• Audience Award
• Best Performance By A Paper Cut Out

The System Wurks  (2006)
Put sex, torture and politics in a blender and hit “puree”...that’s The System Wurks. This action-comedy-romance is for every politically correct liberal who secretly dreams of having his or her girlfriend kick ass in a Catholic schoolgirl uniform.

Brush Up - Trailer (2006)
Psychotropics and a twisted sense of justice turn this little dinner party into a bumpy ride till dawn...will everyone survive the trip? Sometimes, dessert takes eight hours and ends in fractures.